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Pies & Cakes

Our ice cream cakes and pies are made fresh in the store. 

We always have an assortment available in our to go freezer.  But if you're looking for something special, something custom or something to wow your family and friends...  Call us, and let us make one up with your favorite flavors and toppings!  



Our Banana Pie features our Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream, and sits in a Graham Cracker Pie Shell.   It's topped with hand dipped chocolate covered bananas and Nilla Wafers.

Amaretto Cherry

Our Amaretto Cherry Pie sits in an OREO Pie Shell.  The Amaretto Cherry Ice Cream has an Amaretto Flavor with Marschino Cherries and chocolate throughout.  It's covered with hand dipped chocolate covered Marschino Cherries and more chocolate.  Available by advance order only.

Cappuccino Chip

Our Cappuccino Chip Pie features our Cappuccino Chip Ice Cream in a Graham Cracker Pie Shell.  It's then decorated with a Chocolate puree lattice and mini chocolate chips.  

Cookies & Cream

Our Cookies & Cream Pie sits in an OREO Pie Shell.  It's filled with (you guessed it) Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, and finished with loads of OREO pieces.   If you love OREO's, you'll love this pie!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Our Mint Chocolate Chip Pie features our Premium Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in an OREO Pie Shell.  It's finished off with Andies Mint Candies and mini chocolate chips, making this a Flavor Frenzy Favorite! 

NY Cherry

Our Cherry Pie features our NY Cherry Ice Cream in a Graham Cracker Pie Shell.  It's covered with hand dipped chocolate covered Marschino Cherries and mini chocolate chips. 

Peanut Butter Cup

Our Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream  stuffed into a Graham Cracker Pie Crust and topped with crushed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.   

Pecan Turtle

Our Pecan Turtle Pie starts off with Butter Pecan Ice Cream in a Graham Cracker Pie Shell.  It's then finished with Fudge, Caramel and Butter Roasted Georgia Pecans. 

Peppermint Stick

Our Peppermint Stick Pie sits in an Oreo pie shell.  It's loaded with our Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and topped with crushed Candy canes.  Available only for a few weeks around holiday time only!


Our Pistachio Ice Cream Pie features our premium Pistachio Ice Cream, sitting in a Graham Cracker Pie Shell.  It's then topped with whole Pastachios.   

Our Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie is a seasonal Fall family favorite!  It's made from our premium pumpkin ice cream and sits in a graham cracker pie crust.  Available for a limited time only!  


Our Strawberry Pie features our finest Strawberry Ice Cream stuffed into a Graham Cracker Pie Shell.  It's then decorated with a Strawberry puree lattice and Chocolate covered Driscroll Strawberries.   

Key Lime Pie

This is not an ice cream pie...  This is Uncle Harry's (almost famous) Key Lime Pie!  He's been making this pie for years, with a recipe given to him from a famous chef in Key West.  Just top it with a dollop of whipped cream and this dessert makes the perfect compliment to any meal!   Please order in advance.

Are you looking for a custom pie that's not listed above? 

Give us a call...   If you can dream it, we can (probably) make it.   

If there's a specific pie you're looking for, please pre-order it at least 3 days prior

to when you're needing it, as not all pies are in stock and ready for same-day pick-up.


 We now make Ice Cream Cakes!


Whether you want to preorder (at least 3 days in advance) your favorite flavors for a special occasion, or stop in and grab one of our freshly made ready to go ice cream cakes for dessert that same day, we've got you covered.

As we continue to master our decorating abilities on the outside of the cake, the inside of our cakes have been perfected. We offer our homemade chiffon cake and your favorite flavors of our incredible ice cream, along with many filling options to choose from.

Ice Cream Flavors:

You choose your favorite flavors!

Cake Options:

Yellow Chiffon Cake or Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Filling Options:

Caramel, Fudge,Raspberry or Strawberry Filling, Peanut Butter Topping

Topping Options:

Crushed Oreos, Chocolate Chunks, Peanut Butter or Strawberry Shortcake Topping, Chocolate Ganache Drip, Mini M&M's or Crushed Reese's PB Cups

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