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Septemberfest Event Menu


Italian Ices $6

Tonight's Italian Ice Flavors

Lemon . Blue Raspberry . Mango

Root Beer Floats  $7

Ice Cream  Sundaes  $7

A scoop of our premium vanilla

ice cream with up to 4 of the following

included in the price:

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup . Caramel Syrup 

Crushed Oreo's . Coconut . Nuts

Sprinkles . Whipped Cream . A Cherry

Ice Cream Scoops  $5

Tonight's Ice Cream Flavors

Premium Vanilla . Cookies & Cream . Strawberry 

Rainbow Sherbet . Chocolate 

Burt's Hand-Dipped

Chocolate Banana  $6

with or without nuts

Jumbo Pretzels  $6

with salt or cinnamon sugar

(Add Cheese for an extra $1)

Nachos with Cheese  $6

Jumbo Cookies   $3

Homemade Brownies  $4

Ice Cold Water  $2  

(a $1.95 convenience fee will be added to all non-cash transactions)

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